A great way to build teamwork and help reduce the stress

We are an interdisciplinary fitness studio specializing in traditional hot yoga, high-intensity-interval training, dynamic flow yoga and restorative yin yoga sequences. We believe in a holistic approach when it comes to workplace health and wellness in order to target the different health concerns that face employees at different levels of the organization.

Traditional wellness programs paint workplace stress, the greatest employee health issue, with the same brush. We believe it’s important to work with organizations to tackle physical health symptoms such as fatigue, sleeping difficulties, headaches, muscular tension, gastrointestinal upsets together with psychological symptoms including anxiety, depression and irritability for frontline staff and corporate executives.


We offer 50 classes every week from day to night to accommodate everyone’s preferred work-out routine, whether it’s getting it done first thing in the morning or unwinding in the studio after dark. We keep things simple with our classes and offer four class types that target the different health concerns that impact staff on an individual level to tone the body and calm the mind - all the while having fun!


Our star teachers are a diverse and inclusive group that are fully trained and CPR trained. All of our teachers have been practicing and teaching for over a decade to students from all walks from life. We understand every day is a different day for your body and we test your boundaries but we never push you to the point of no return.


We believe in collaborating with local organizations to promote

and increase the long-term health of employees in the workplace.

Drop-in Passes

Available in quantities of 50 or more – the more you buy the more you save. Great to purchase and distribute amongst employees as you see fit.

Class Card Packages

Once your organization is registered, we will offer 10% off our class card packages and on our monthly and annual rates.

Private Classes

Space rental is available if you are seeking classes in a more private and customizable setting.

contact us directly to discuss specific rates for your organization