Here's Why We’re Never Going to Offer Yoga Fusion Classes

We don’t do fusion here at Orijin Yoga.

You won’t ever find a class that fuses yoga with pilates with HIIT with... hula hooping.

We’re old-school purists at heart. We truly believe that if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.

What’s the difference between interdisciplinary and fusion studios?

Think about the last time that you went to a fusion restaurant. It was fun and of course, you do it for the ‘gram, but how many times did you go back? What did you return to instead? At Orijin, we offer traditional hot yoga sequences in 60 and 90-minute classes. We offer relaxing yin and powerful flow yoga classes, as well as HIIT classes because we are an interdisciplinary fitness studio, not fusion. We don’t focus on what’s trendy or what’s the latest fitness fad when we design our studio offerings. We don’t take bits and pieces from different disciplines to put into one class. We’re purists that focus on what’s sustained the body and the mind that's been proven to in the last thousand years, not the last six months.

You lose the distinctive benefits when you pick and choose postures and reps together, and the consequence of that can be many new students think they know what a yoga class is but they actually don’t. There is honest relaxation and ease with pure yoga, a movement of the breath that grounds you from the start to the end of class. It’s a beautiful practice. Anyone that has done a HIIT workout knows you’re not focused on breathing in class, it’s a different kind of energy altogether. You should know the difference between a yoga class and a yoga class with HIIT.

Do yoga, do HIIT but don’t do nothing.

We are an interdisciplinary yoga studio that offers a variety of yoga practices and HIIT workouts. When Orijin Yoga was launched, replacing the Bikram studio that had long been a community spot for yoga practitioners, we made the decision to offer more than just yoga.

Doing the one work-out regime that you like because you are used to it is not what will get the best results. Whether you love yoga or don’t, we want our students to develop their journey with us. That means having our minds stimulated and challenged by getting our asses handed to us. The more you can push yourself within the four walls of our studio rooms, the more that discipline and spark carries through to the other parts of your life.

And by trying different styles of group classes, you ultimately benefit from a better practice. We have students that have been coming to HIIT classes for a while that now understand what it means to activate their glutes and they can lift up and open their heart and chest in the hot yoga room.

Exercise helps the mind. If you can tell the body to do something, that’s amazing. The more you practice, the stronger you get mentally and physically. Yoga is a hard practice already - holding the posture, looking at yourself in the room, getting into the room in the first place. You lose by adding a cardiovascular practice that conditions and tones the muscles to a practice that’s best suited for proper spine alignment and lengthening the body.

So, while you won’t see us offering the latest fusion crave hitting the boutique studios in beautiful Vancouver, drop by and ask the front desk about a class that gets you out of your workout comfort zone.

About Linda Doan
Linda Doan is the owner of Orijin Yoga. Linda is a fitness buff who through her journey in the health and fitness world discovered her love of movement and lifting weights. One day, after going to a hot yoga class upon a friend’s suggestion, she discovered her joy of the thousands-old practice in how it elevated her practice in bodybuilding, and she has not looked back since. Fast-forward today where you can find Linda cleaning sweaty mats in the back of her local neighbourhood hot yoga studio in East Vancouver, shooting the shit with members, or competing in lifting or Jiu Jitsu competitions in town. Follow her on Instagram @nammersquats